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About Us….

Enter Twitter. Fabulous broads from across the country meet and chat about our love of sports. And boys. And food. And drinks. But we come back to sports. We decide we have something to say that isn’t out there in the blogosphere. And thus, She Likes Sports was born. [Ed Note: MAN, people are getting feisty over that line… it’s not that great women aren’t blogging and writing about sports… there are A TON… it’s that we were doing it individually and wanted to collectively have a site and Twitter to share… some of us write for a living, some of us just tweet during games for fun… whatever works for ya works for us… so we’re looking forward to finding, connecting with and sharing with those of you out there that we haven’t previously met. There’s room for everyone on the roster!]

Part snark, part superfan…We’ll cover tightends while wearing tiaras, watch races in ruffles, report on matches in miniskirts, cover playoffs in Prada and hit the stands in our stilettos… so stay tuned.

Follow the She Likes Sports team:

Tammy on Twitter: @floridagirlindc // Personal Blog:

Jen on Twitter: @jryanlaw

Stef on Twitter: @seminolegirl97

Jenn on Twitter: @jennettinger

D’Ann on Twitter: @texasREgirl // Personal Blog:

Lauren on Twitter: @lgoddard // Personal Blog:

Christine on Twitter: @christinesouza

Kristen on Twitter: @kristenkaleal // Cleveland Browns Blog: // Personal Blog:

Lisa on Twitter: @lisa_wade // Personal Blog:

Amber on Twitter: @ohmydodd // Personal Blog:

Cee on Twitter: @CeeAngi // Personal Blog:

Becoming a Contributor:

Want to contribute to She Likes Sports? Start on Twitter by tagging your posts #SheLikesSports… if you provide amusement, insight or are covering something we don’t have covered, we’ll reach right out to you!

Got an Event You’d Like Us to Cover?

If it’s cool enough or odd enough and one of us can get there, we’re game.  Email us at shelikessports (at) gmail (dot) com or Tweet us @SheLikesSports

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